Spring Bulletin Board Ideas (2024)

Spring Bulletin Boards

Our Spring Bulletin Board Ideas page will provide you with great resources for a number of spring related topics. Our bulletin boards will help you integrate various activities into your daily curriculum. Ideas within the spring bulletin board pages include resources for the following: Easter, bunnies, book recommendations, gardens, and wind.

Spring Bulletin Board Ideas (1)We are always looking for new ideas! Your creativity can help other teachers. Submit your bulletin board idea and don't forget to include a photo if you have one!

Spring Bulletin Board Ideas (2) Just Keep Swimming! Grades: K-5
Bullying bulletin board with gouhlish monsters that have name tags displaying:
"Gossip", "Dirty Looks", "Mean Laughter", "Shoving" and "Cyber Bullying".
Submitted by: Leanne Wilson, Plainview Middle School.

Spring Bulletin Board Ideas (4) The Science Behind Spring Grades Any
Spring is a great time to examine the growth of plants and flowers. Using a textbook or other resource, enlarge different types of plants, flowers and seeds. Make them large enough to fill your bulletin board. (You can do this by making an overhead transparency of the image you want, hang your paper on the wall, and then trace your images.) Students can then label the various parts of the plants, flowers and roots.
Submitted by: Jennifer teach@email-removed

Spring Bulletin Board Ideas (5) "Spring" Into a Great Book! Grades Any
Let students share their book recommendations.
Submitted by: Jennifer teach@email-removed

Spring Bulletin Board Ideas (6) Watch Our Reading Garden Grow! Grades Any
You can print the necessary patterns for the bulletin board below. Prior to getting this interactive bulletin board underway, you will need to designate how much (pages and/or time) that a student needs to read in order to add a piece of stem to their flower.

Getting Started:
1. Print the patterns below for the flowers, stem/leaf, and recording page.
2. Copy the flower patterns onto white cardstock or construction paper. (Make enough so each student in your class has a flower. You can even copy a few extra to use as decorations around the board.)
3. Copy the stem/leaf patterns onto green cardstock or construction paper. (You will want a large number of stem copies. You can keep them in a small basket...or even a watering can...next to the bulletin board.
4. Copy one recording page for each student in your classroom. (Prior to copying, you may want to write the designated pages/time you selected.)
5. Each student will select a flower shape to color. Students attach their flower to the bulletin board, along the bottom.
6.As students read, they will need to log their pages/minutes using the recording page.
7. When students reach the designated reading goal, they will remove their flower from the board, attach their stem/leaf piece, and then reattach their flower to the new addition. This continues as students continue to read.
Submitted by: Jennifer teach@email-removed

Spring Bulletin Board Ideas (9) Ewe can Read Grades K-3
Use this bulletin board idea for a easy 3-D board sure to catch any K-3 student's attention. I made a large sheep head out of white poster board and made yarn curls out of white yarn on him. Half of the bulletin board should be covered in sky blue and the lower portion in green paper. I cut 6 in. strips of green paper the length of the board and make layered grass by cutting strips of this paper and rolling it down with a pencil to create a 3-D effect. Place the sheep on the board along with some bright construction paper flowers and silk flowers among the grass and the catchy "Ewe can Read!" phrase... and you have a great spring time board!
Submitted by: LLewis7332@email-removed

Spring Bulletin Board Ideas (10) We're Hopping Over Our Bunny Tales Grades K-4
I found a picture of a bunny to draw onto tag board. After coloring and cutting it out, I ran it through the laminator. I duplicated paper that was in the shape of "bunny tails" with lines on it. After writing and editing their story that had to do with some type of bunny adventure, they published them onto the tail.

Bunny Tale Page - line spacing is 1 1/2
Bunny Tale Page - line spacing is 2

Submitted by: Nancy Alley of Columbus, OH n.alley@email-removed

Spring Bulletin Board Ideas (14) Hop into Spring with a Good Book Grades K-4
Background color...Bright sky blue with a bright green low rolling hill at bottom third of board. A large white rabbit hops across the board carrying a basket of books. Other books are bouncing out of the basket with titles, authors, and cover illustrations displayed. Students could even create their own favorite book covers to display.
Submitted by: Nancy Alley of Columbus, OH n.alley@email-removed

Spring Bulletin Board Ideas (15) Many more Bulletin Boards by Theme

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Spring Bulletin Board Ideas (2024)


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